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Originally Posted by skinkie View Post
My first tutorial on using the RPi2 as a SDR receiver and tetra decoding can be found at:
in the "compiling tetra codec: section you can use my script:

git clone
cd install-tetra-codec
chmod 755
#change BASEDIR=/tetra to BASEDIR=/opt/tetra in

i will make the install dir a parameter for the install scripts right now hardcoded to /tetra)

also if you want a simpler installation, then use debian on the paspberry pi and just use the usual install script (it should work just like on intel). if you want to have /opt/tetra for some reason, then mkdir -p /opt/tetra ; ln -s /opt/tetra /tetra

BTW the tutorial is a nice illustration on how to install on most non-debian based distributions (there is also a descritpion on how to install all of the software from source in my documentation). thanks for the effort - i'm not very good at writing documentation

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