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Originally Posted by sq5bpf View Post
it might also be the scheduling or the sound system (pulseaudio and friends). try to run volk_profile and see if it makes it run even faster.
A very late reply on this...

I finally tried to run volk_profile and this made an incredible improvement on the GR python script (after restarted). This more than halved the CPU load (according to top) on the i3 and i5 NUC's.

However the most extreme difference came on the cheap Celeron NUC (N2830) where I before could run 1 receiver which just took me under 100% (96-99%), two receivers was only usable if I left the machine as alone as possible (i.e. no VNC or TeamSpeak). But after volk_profile I can run 2 receivers together with VNC and TeamSpeak, and the CPU usage of the python script peaks at 35%... that's a quite big difference

So my general impression is; "why didn't I try this before"

I'll tomorrow try to see if this maybe made it possible also to run the Airspy on 10 MHz which would give some new possibilities.
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