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Hello thanks for the program, i'm enjoying it every day (ubuntu 14 on a dual core, 2.4 ghz )
Good reception, excepted i can only monitor one frequency in my area (bus company)
Only issue : i get a lot of empty recordings less than 3 kb, and filename ending with 0_0
And sometimes i can't find interesting conversations i heard in real time ;
Does the issue come from average reception ?
I ve read the FAQ about encoding issues on Ubuntu , but didn't find any solution ;

Also i want to know about SDS messages; they don't seem to have GPS positions in them;
yet the buses operators always discuss about position data, telling the drivers he sees their location

few examples:

or in binary
[01001111011000100000111110111010011100001110000100 00010000000000110111000000001011100010111010000000 01000010001000010100010100100110011000000111000100 11110111101000000000001000010000000000000000000000 0000]

i can post other SDS data if required;

Also i get another frequency with no audio, only "PLAY" displaying, though i have good signal ;
It says "enc=0" , yet i guess this network could be encrypted cause something tells me it's a police & rescue repeater ;

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