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i've made a demo telive image, that can be booted from a 16GB memory stick. this way windows people won't have to use VMs (which are slow), and hopefully i will get less questions about linux basics

short description:

1. download from here:
you should verify that the md5 sum is 9d5e47abb8633f583198d53d60f67802

2. gunzip telive_live_2016031101.img.gz
3. dd if=telive_live_2016031101.img of=/dev/sdXXX (where /dev/sdXXX is the memory stick device).

This site has instructions on how to do steps 2 and 3 on other operating systems including Windows:
4. boot from the memory stick

5. read the README_FIRST.txt file on the desktop, the telive_doc.pdf and the rest of the docs

6. configure internet access, do the steps from the README_FIRST.txt

7. the demo gnuradio-companion config is deliberatly made for very slow hardware., but it's a good idea to run volk_profile on an idle system (regardless of the hardware used)

If someone needs help with linux, then use the internet and don't ask here. there is plenty of support for linux mint on the internet.

probably this image will run in a VM too, but it's not worth it

NOTE: this image doesn't have the ACELP codec due to licensing, but a script is provided so that the user can download and compile it
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