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I just picked up the latest 2E version myself and am VERY happy with it.

Audio performance is on par or better with my behemoth Grundig Sat 800, which by now after 16 years probably needs a few caps replaced! From what I understand, the 2E version no longer restricts the high end, and allows the user to dial in to their taste. Very true.

The partly open back slots provides deep bass, and gives it a depth that a closed box doesn't do - unless again it is huge like the Sat 800. Bass is tight, but you can drive it sloppy if you go to the furthest most extreme.

RF performance is great, very selective and sensitive, even with a whip that is not full-length for FM.

There are a few little quirks, but to obsess over them is to miss the forest for the trees - GREAT audio fidelity and very very good RF performance.

As for 15-20 year old radios that probably have dead caps / bad displays - time to upgrade. Nobody makes "heirloom" radios any more.
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