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When passing near or over a mountain top repeater site I would expect many radios to become overloaded due the high RF fields and potential Intermod from equipment on the mountain or created in your DF receiver. I think most DF receivers are just glorified police scanners and don't do well in high RF environments.

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I was investigating a 121.5 emergency beacon that was going off near the Oakland Airport. We turned on our helicopters direction finder and followed the arrow until passing over a group of antennas on top of a mountain where the arrow would swing from the 12 o'clock to the 6 o'clock position (as it should). After 3 passes from different directions, we were very confident on the location of the source. We later found out that the signal was actually coming from a boat in a marina back near Oakland. I've been reading about radio repeaters and my onboard DF equipment and cannot figure out why this might have happened.

Has anyone experienced this before?
Does anyone have a theory on why this may have happened?
Is there anything I can do in the aircraft to try and counter future false readings?

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