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Originally Posted by thecop View Post
A little help guys? During a search my 436 landed on 860.0625, Con, Slot 2, CC8. An investigation reveals that this frequency is licensed to Seacoast Communications, an LTR system I can hear quite well here in Wilmington.
My question is, how is it I get the DMR info. on that frequency when it is listed as part of the LTR Standard frequency assignments?
Thank you.
Hey John,
It has been reported in other cities/areas that systems that may be marked with a no longer supported system type (such as LTR) might show DMR. This is due to the end user upgrading the system part by part as funds allow (and radios can be purchased).

I can only guess but having systems "in flux" of change has been noted elsewhere.

Are you sure that the LTR system is still on the air?

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