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I've been able to track an ELT in a 182 with a Becker pretty much dead-on - but I was nowhere near any TV or FM antenna farms at the time.

I'm with prcguy. There may have been an FM station, or a combination of very strong RF at a bunch of frequencies at that mountaintop site that was swamping your DF unit and providing a false reading. Good to know, if that's the case.

You might have tried with your com radio at a lower altitude to cut down on the footprint of the area you're receiving. I would say if you were in a fixed-wing aircraft, you might have tried some banking turns to block the antenna and maybe null out the signal, too.

These days, it probably pays off to cruise the airports and marinas first, although I've heard some wild stories from old CAP guys about chasing garbage trucks after people have thrown their ELTs out.

What kind of equipment do you have, Sam?
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