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Sadly, it does appear that development has come to a standstill.

I did wonder at the very beginning if such a niche product with limited potential sales, would justify ongoing development and support.

The ADCR25 hardware does work very well, but to be of any real use, it is still necessary to control the device from a PC. Once a PC is required, you could argue that an Airspy/SDRplay and DSD+ offers similar performance, a more robust construction and certainly more coverage, for about the same amount of money. Also, now that Uniden and Whistler are offering DMR solutions, the attractiveness of the ADCR25 would appear to diminish further still.

Maybe if the ADCR25 was able to be manipulated to brute force DES or AES encryption by using some anonymously supplied firmware/control software, I'm sure many hundreds of units would be sold
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