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Originally Posted by NCFireman11 View Post
Got several hits today from a dump truck or concrete company on a CON+ system. The frequency was 454.625 Color 13. When it comes up as a conventional channel, the net is 2016, site 12 and the TGID (which I missed). The conversations mentioned Hwy 150 & Hwy 16 (which is in Denver) as well as I-77. This is well beyond my listening range from Winston-Salem with my BCD436. After looking at the FCC license search, there is no 454.625 registered in all of NC for voice, only paging & radio telephone (License # KUS287).

I'm thinking this is part of a system like FleetTalk only its a CON+ system. Any insights of what I'm picking up?
You might want to check for other frequencies right around 454.625. Lots of these UHF DMR systems, LTR systems etc are starting to use the "splinters". The next step from 454.625 is 454.6125 and 454.6375 etc. My 436 will lock onto a very nearby/close frequency at times, and show it is a standard decimal point like 453.185, but the actual frequency is found to be 453.1875...

It's worth looking into...
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