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The desk mic shown in the picture is from the consolette series and desk remotes and designed for carrier squelch only. Inside the housing is a Shure Bros. controlled reluctance microphone unless this one is different for some reason or someone replaced the original element. These mic elements were developed as a direct replacement of a carbon button microphone with similar high output and nominal impedance. They also use the bias voltage that the carbon mics used to power the controlled reluctance element unlike a dynamic mic found on most CB's. If I take the above to be correct, then there is already a source of voltage that may be enough to power the mic element.

While I understand that the OP wants to use this mic with the station, Pcrguy is correct in recommending one of the "L" mics if that is what the link refers to.

The Mocat housing and design is much the same of the Maxar/Moxy/Flexar stations and similar remotes and some Nautilus marine coastal stations. These all used the white/dark gray L mics for fixed station use.

Another caveat regarding the above mic. If you do decide to use it, do not use the mic cord attached to it and remove the connector. It will be a disaster as there is 50+ year old tinsel cord inside. Even when new, you could not solder it to a mic connector without using special crimps that dug into the cord in between the interwoven fabric and copper wire. Even if you had the special crimps, probability is that the copper in the tinsel is already very oxidized and probably couldn't make a good "bite" inside the wire.
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