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Question Testing Updates to "Template:Infobox_TRS" -- Request for comments

Good morning all,

An update to "Template:Infobox_TRS" is being tested on the articles listed below. Your review and comments are requested below.

The intent of the update is to:
  • Increase ease of reading/navigating by:
    • Making link-names shorter
    • Decreasing word-wrapping in link-names
    • Maximizing use of white-space
    • Increasing uniformity of text-positioning
    • Visually separating TRS details (NAC, WACN, RAN, etc.) from the TRS General Info (name, location, etc.)
    • Adding the optional ability to hide the following parameters in the TRS Details section of the Infobox, when they are unused/unrelated:
      • SysType
      • SysID
      • CTone
      • WACN
      • NAC
      • DMR CCode
      • NXDN RAN
  • Decrease/Shorten overall length of the Infobox by:
    • Listing multiple callsigns in a horizontal comma- or space-delimited list instead of a vertical line-break-delimited list.
    • Adding the optional ability to hide any unused/unrelated parameters in the TRS Details section of the Infobox, as mentioned above.

  • Add new functionality or convenience
    • Provide uniform links to the TRS-specific Site Maps produced by the RRDB
    • Add the "Trunktracking FAQ", "Trunktracking Glossary", and "Wiki Editing FAQ" links to the "Other Resources" section, which did not exist when Template:Infobox_TRS was created.
    • Add the optional ability to include the "Tracker..." templates uniformly in the Infobox_TRS template-call, so that they no longer need to be applied separately to articles.

The pages used for this test are:

Additional change(s) planned:
  • Also, later, after initial implementation of the updated-template across the Wiki, the "FCC" parameter (which in the existing template can only handle one callsign), and the "MoreCallsigns" parameter, will be merged into one parameter that handles multiple callsigns.

  • Later, as needed, parameter(s) for TETRA systems will be added, with the option of hiding it/them.

  • After this update is finalized and implemented, then the other "Template:Infobox_TRS_..." templates will be updated accordingly, to achieve parameter and presentation uniformity across all TRS templates as much as possible.

Request for comment

Thanks in advance for your help and comments,
73 QDP

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