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Originally Posted by ka3jjz View Post
The New Jersey Turnpike entry should be using the Multi county template, since it goes up and down the state. I didn't change it since it's a part of your test bed
Thanks for catching that. I noticed the county was designated as "multiple" or "various" but didn't stop to assign a different template at the time. Since you reminded me of it, I looked at all of the articles that use either the multi-county or the multi-state templates, and have made some adjustments to the test-template so that when I update the other templates, they will simply invoke the main TRS template but with custom values. That way the look-and-feel will be consistent no matter which template is assigned to a particular article.

Originally Posted by ka3jjz View Post
The only concern I might have would be the FCC callsigns. If there are more than a few of them, I can see that area becoming pretty crowded and hard to read. That's why I built the multi site templates - so we can use the RR mapping functions (which you already have) to view them.
I understand and agree; but so far, I have only seen a few articles that have a good-handful of callsigns, which in this new format seems like it would only be two rows. So, hopefully, it won't be a problem. But, I will definitely monitor that in case something gets too long and needs some spacing-adjustment or something.

Originally Posted by ka3jjz View Post
It's a little odd seeing the trunktracking FAQ and the other one showing their links on two lines, but due to the length, you can't help it...Otherwise this looks nice..Mike
Yeah, single-line would have been ideal, but this seems to work.

Thanks for the time it took to review everything and for the comments.

I will still be in test-mode for a while, working through the articles to make sure nothing gets messed-up by the updates to the test-template. I will post here again when things get finished up, and at any major points along the way as needed.

Thanks again,
73 QDP

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