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Cj5wit4wd, First, welcome to RR. You'll find a wealth of information (as well as opinions) on this site. It seems like you may be expecting too much form any one particular radio or service. Keep in mind that HAM radio is primarily a hobby. While it has played a key roll in communicating in a number of disasters over the years, I would not want to rely on it in a true emergency. I'm not saying anything bad about it or its devotees but emergency response isn't its primary purpose. Also, as noted above, don't expect to be welcomed if you should pop up on a public service radio system. While you may have a true emergency, you will be treated with suspicion ( a whack-job) and will likely spend a great deal of time trying to convince others that you are in genuine trouble - time that would be better spent addressing the needs of any injured party.

Your best bet would be a satellite phone. Also do consider getting your HAM license and look at the other services as well. You may find that there isn't a "one size fits all" service..
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