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Moon Bounce is a fascinating aspect of the possibilities for Six, but sadly EME it is beyond the capabilities of 99.99% of hams- especially on 6 metre's. Years ago, however, I remember reading about some amateur radio experiments that were done using a super size dish (Arecibo, Puerto Rico? - my memory is fuzzy here) - this antenna was briefly used to transmit 432Mhz at the moon; it produced a return signal that could be received on a modest amateur setup using a handheld multi-element beam pointed at the moon- receive only of course. I believe they used voice- sideband... the tremendous gain of that xmt'ing antenna making this possible. My point is- have hope; it is possible for the average ham to someday, maybe, experience a taste of EME.
The military tried it out in the days before satellites as a mode of communications--- this, in the 50's-- long long before my time. I, however, have seen some of these 'museum pieces' still sitting at their sites at the Naval Research Labs along the Chesapeake Bay. Very impressive antenna arrays. The military also looked to the moon for reflections from Soviet microwave signals- sort of the first spy satellite. From what I gather'd, this was not too successful.
When I sat down to this I was going to bring up another favorite- Aurora-- especially as it applies to Six. Unlike EME, Aurora is a propagation mode any 6 metre ham can use. I spent some time consulting on projects utilizing the HIPAS facility (High Power Auroral Stimulation) high in the North Country-- there we actually created Auroras.... oh, and do I know Auroras! but time has gotten away from me this morning- I'll have to save it for later-
P.S - right now the Moon is closer than it has been since 1948... I guess it looks bigger... but then too, I live closer to it than most !! (smiles to Mass-Man... )

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