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As others are finding, my PSR800 took the WS1080 CPU 4.4 just fine as well as DSP 3.0 but I can no longer receive any digital at all.

I did wipe an SD card and started fresh but no joy.
Analog still worked fine.
I also noticed after I switched it to an WS1080, the S indicator was pretty much lit constantly when trying to scan anything digital.

The only thing I forgot to try was messing with the DSP Level and the ADC and DAC settings. By default, the latest PSR800 CPU or DSP set these to 14,0,0 respectively but after installing the WS1080 CPU 4.4 and DSP 3.0, the DSP Level went to 75 but I don't recall where the other two landed at.
I meant to try setting them all back to the PSR800's default levels but forgot. This change could have been made by the PC App also.

I ended up reverting back to the PSR800 CPU 2.0 and DSP 1.3 before I remembered I did not test changing those settings.
I don't know if changing them would have done anything with digital reception. At least the radio booted without error which was promising!

I suspect the PSR800 may not have the needed hardware to support DMR.

The latest EZ-Scan PC App installs DSP 3.0 firmware which also has NXDN support even though a real WS1080 does not support NXDN. I kind of doubt the pre NXDN version of DSP firmware would have made a difference but it's possible the pre NXDN version would have allowed the PSR800 to work as a WS1080 and allow DMR and not break P25.
The NXDN version of DSP could have some code in it that the PSR800 does not like but a real WS1080 can handle even though it cannot do NXDN.

I don't recall what version the DSP firmware was before NXDN support was added but I think it was DSP Version 2.3. I don't know how one could get that version being as the PC App downloads and installs it unless an older version of the PC App would only allow DSP Version 2.3 to install.

Does anyone have a link to download the WS1080 PC App version 2.16?
How about the CPU Version 4.3 manual installer?
The change log for CPU 4.4 does not even mention NXDN so it may have not added anything NXDN related but trying 4.3 may be worth a shot on a PSR800.

There is a report that a RadioShack Pro 668 at least stops on digital talkgroups and displays their info but it does not pass any audio it seems.
I don't own a 668 so cannot do any testing with it. That is more than I got from my PSR800!

If anyone knows where I can get EZ-Scan 2.16 and the CPU 4.3 manual install firmware file, please advise where as I would like to try this again with those versions.

That's my report with this attempt.