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Originally Posted by trp2525 View Post
I've been following this thread very closely and was wondering if anyone can confirm that a real/genuine Whistler WS1080 is working just fine with both DMR and P25 transmissions after being updated to the very latest CPU Firmware version 4.4 and DSP Firmware version 3.0. The reason I mention this is that both of those updates were just released on Thursday, 12/15, just 3 days ago. I wonder if Whistler possibly "broke something" with those updates for the WS1080 and that is why we are seeing the problems that are being posted in this thread.

The other interesting thing that I noticed is that in the DSP Firmware version 3.0 release notes for the WS1080 it states "Add support for NXDN." AFAIK NXDN support was never intended for release to the WS1080 because it lacked the necessary memory capacity in comparison to the TRX-1. Could the DSP version 3.0 release for the WS1080 be an error on Whistler's part and perhaps the latest/current DSP should have remained at the previous version 2.3 for the WS1080? Maybe that's why DMR and P25 are not working on our PSR-800 and PRO-668 scanners that we have "converted" to WS1080 scanners?
I can answer the first part. I did the upgrade to the 4.4 on my 1088 a few min. after the release and everything has been working fine since then. I really did not notice any change with anything, and I monitor several hundred DMR stations.