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I did some testing and got the same results as other people. Loading WS-1080 CPU 4.4 and DSP 3.0 causes the scanner not to receive P25 or DMR. So I suggest people hold off using the transcoding feature.

My setup was working with CPU 4.1, so I went back to that version and had the same problem. I suspect that it is the DSP 3.0 file. I do not have any method to load previous versions of DSP at this time.

I wonder if "real" WS-1080 scanners are working with CPU 4.4 and DSP 3.0 as this could be a problem with Whistler providing the wrong DSP file when updating the WS-1080 firmware. The only change mentioned for DSP 3.0 was the addition of NXDN.

Sorry that I released this without testing it with the latest release. I mainly checked that the new firmware loaded properly.

Sorry that you will have to wait some more until I figure this problem out. Fortunately I do have previous dsp files, but no method to load them in the scanner.

So do not bother to use the utility to load WS-1080 firmware at this time.

73 Eric