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Originally Posted by N4GIX View Post
Zx is the characteristic impedance, i.e., the square root of L/C (inductance/capacitance).

jX is inductive reactance (if +) or capacitive reactance (if -)

Rs is the total resistance of the antenna system

In any case, I highly recommend reading this ARRL book:

Understanding Your Antenna Analyzer
Thank you for clearing that up. I was a little rusty on the Zx, but I was correct on the other two.

That link looks like a very worth while read so I can brush up a bit on what I have forgotten over the years. When you don't use it very often, it tends to get in the back of the line and all but forgotten

I appreciate your Christmas gift, hope you have a good one and get a shiny new rig under the tree tomorrow morning.
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