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I know 2 hams in Salem Oregon who had the UHF MODELS from Giga Junk and after exhausting attempts to gain access to the local 442.750 dmr pos box with no luck, not to mention that one poor sucker had the antenna break off on 1 radio while the other ham had a battery that wouldn't charge not to mention that the chargers on both get hot and smell of burning silicon pass transistors.

I certainly wouldn't want a fast charging issue to occur like Samsung's Galaxy 7 fiasco when the radio is left in its charger unattended.

I held one briefly and wasn't impressed enough to waste one cent on one because the radio case and overall feel is an order of magnitude lower than even a product of MFJ quality, it is so flimsy that one would want to get a rubber wrap around case to feel secure with this Chicom crap.

Squeezing the radio lightly makes a crunching noise that worried me that the internal circuit boards are simply floating around inside the cheap case.

After not being able to get access to the local dmr box and the quality issues above, both sent their radios back and went over to using some local Yahoo System Confusion crap.
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