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Default Version 2.0 TK-880 Running 1.0 Firmware???

I just got myself a Kenwood TK-880 unit to add to my little collection. Came in the mail today.

According to the sticker on the back, the radio is, in fact, a Version 2.0, which is what I wanted. When the radio boots up, it shows the firmware it is running is Version 1.5111.

I'm having a couple problems with it. For one thing, when I went to write my programming file to the radio in the KPG-49D software, a notice popped up directly contradicting what the sticker on the back says, saying that it is NOT a Version 2.0 radio, and therefore not all the newer features will work on this unit.

Many of the channels I have setup for FleetSync. With these channels, I always have the sidetone turned on, not only because I really like it, but also because it helps me remember not to start talking too soon. For some reason, the sidetone is not sounding at all. The box for it is checked in the programming, but it will not sound when I key up. All I can assume is that the sidetone is not available on this version of firmware.

But furthermore, is this a Version 2.0 radio running firmware for Version 1.0? If so, where can I obtain firmware for the Version 2.0 so I can get the sidetone?

Thanks in advance.
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