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Default TRX 2 not receiving scanlist

I just added a TRX 2 to my other radios ( Homepatrol 1, BC536 HP, and GRE PSR 800 ). I'm not an expert but I do have experience in using and programming software based scanners but I'm having a problem with the TRX.

I downloaded EZ Scan and set up my scanlists and trunked sites while waiting for the radio. I was able to connect and download all my Scan info to the radio, however I cannot get one of my scanlists to receive. I can verify this system is active by turning on my 536HP sitting next to the TRX and it chatters away with traffic while the TRX is silent. It's as if this scanlist is not setup with a site even though the site is in the EZ Scan software with no lockouts. Also the scanlist is enabled and shows on the screen while scanning, squelch is set to minimum, attenuation is set to normal.

I have updated all firmware, DPU and EZ Scan software and have deleted and added trunk system and site (Tennessee Advanced Communication System, Chattanooga Simulcast) . I even used the software to prepare the SD card for use (which I think erases the card) and reloaded all data on it again without success.

I know I'm missing something here....if anyone has any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it!

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