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The six meter FM activity is not what it use to be 10 years ago. With the addition of all sorts of computer network stuff and cable TV leakage the noise floor is way high now. The 2 repeaters that use to be here in this area have been shut down due to the noise floor being so high now they can't hear anything unless your right under the tower.

I do hear a few repeaters coming in from the New York area when the band opens up. But for the most part, it's closed squelch. My radios scan some of the channels that I use to use around the country years back. But there is no daily FM activity. You have to wait for the band to open. In many cases the band is open and no one even knows it.

I have used a number of different radios over the years. Started out with some modified GE MASTR II mobiles that were crystal controlled. With the crystal companies now far and few between , the cost of crystals have gone sky high. So now the only radios I use are the ones I can program with a computer.

The Kenwood TK-690 is a good choice, but you will have to HEX edit the file to get them on 6 meters. The software will not allow you to go there directly. There is a good how to do it file on the internet to explain what you need to edit the files.

The GE Delta S radios and the low band Ranger radios will work, but you need to modify the PA output filter circuit. Plus you need some way to program the radios. The most common way has been with the GE suitcase programmer.

You can find some old Motorola Syntor X9000 low band radios now and then. These will easily do the 6 meter FM band as well as the 10 meter FM band. There are a couple of versions of the programming software floating around that will let you program these radios. But you will need a RIB box and some type of programming cable to get into the radio. You can make a programming cable out of an old siren cable for these radios. It takes some effort and some soldering skill. Information on the Syntor X9000 radio is available on several web sites. Some simple searches can provide you with them. There are manuals you can find and download them from at least one of the sites. The bigets problem is trying to pick up a control and power cable for these radios. You can use the Spectra control heads on them.

Help with these radios is available, but you just need to ask for it.
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