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Icom is getting power/ground direct from battery. Stereo is direct into factory harness. Antenna is on a fender mount and bolted direct to the fender on the front right.
I have to pull the stereo out again to install a upgrade im waiting for.. I will install a short ground from stereo chassis to vehicle and see if that helps. For now i have just removed the trouble channels from the scan list.

If i understand correctly im not running any RX pl or dpl on the channels they are programmed the same as the rest of my 128 channels its just 3 or 4 chan that are a issue. I just find it strange that its only affecting a few when i have lots of other freq close to the trouble chans..

Sometimes it may pay to go i had a temp flip up screen stereo for a few days until i installed the pioneer and it did not interfere with the icom..
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