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Hey Gang,

Thought I'd give you guys an update on the project. For those who like screenshots, a little eye candy is attached.

I've got the scanner controllable via the phone now. You'll operate the app just like you operate the scanner, so there should be very little in the way of a learning curve if you're already used to the radio. A basic set of features are currently in the works:

1. Whenever you access a screen on the scanner where you would enter text, you'll be able to type it rather than scroll the knob - this will be a huge time saver when updating or programming your favorites in the field. I hate alpha tagging things manually...

2. GPS Location Based Scan - When active, the app will update the GPS coordinates in your scanner automatically whenever the latitude or longitude changes from the last setting by a whole degree or more (Only when directly connected, obviously).

3. Scanner Settings Screen - You will be able to turn off or on the scanner's settings and services without having to navigate a bunch of on screen menus. You'll be able to scroll to the setting you want to change and change it very easily from one screen, or just say what you want to change (see below).

4. Voice Commands - Everything you can do onscreen you'll be able to say, for example "Scandroid, system hold" and it will hold on the current system, etc. This will allow for handsfree control of your scanner in cities such as here in Tucson, where an ordinance against fiddling with ANY electronics while behind the wheel was recently passed.

5. Remote Control - This is the big one. Imagine simply pulling up the app, connecting to your scanner and hearing/controlling it from anywhere - perfect for Broadcastify feed operators or folks who would prefer to leave their scanner at home! This will also open the app up for folks who can't use OTG connections to connect directly - if you can keep your scanner tethered to a Windows computer, you'll be able to control it from the app. (I won't be trying to replicate how Siren can talk directly to a 536 over Wi-Fi so please don't expect that - too complicated and that wheel has already been invented anyway).

6. More to be announced, depending on what else I discover I can make these two gadgets do together, and again suggestions are welcome if you don't see a feature you'd like to have.

Still deciding what will be included in the free version versus the paid one, but that's where things stand for now. The list above is subject to change depending on how practical these things turn out to be, but based on my research, all of the above should be easily doable by the app (along with a companion server application that will stream audio and pass data to and from the scanner for remote control). Once I've got most of the list above working reliably on the Android devices I have laying around here, it'll be time for some beta testers. Stay tuned...

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