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Originally Posted by tumegpc View Post
Nice work ! is there a way to enlarge the fonts ?
Yes, since screen densities vary from device to device, I will need to add some options to move and resize elements if they don't look right with the default settings, so in the released version, you'll be able to make the font bigger and align things manually if needed. I want to keep the keypad layout but I'm honestly not crazy about replicating the whole display of the scanner in the app - that display really takes up a ton of room on screen that could be used for other things so I'm probably going to redesign that portion.

Originally Posted by LosRio View Post
Would mdc, ge star decoding or two tone be a future idea? Similiar apps exist such as radio id. Just a thought.
Honestly, probably not. It would be kinda cool to be able to tune the scanner to a data channel and then snoop on the data but I could also see that being abused and as you said, other apps exist that already can do that. I'll see if it's possible to pass data from the scanner using my app to one of those apps, but that's probably as far as I'd want to go with it.

Originally Posted by LosRio View Post
With the logs would be cool if the app would create a text log saved to device so one can look at the log on the device rather then scanner all the time.
Great suggestion! I'm pretty sure there's a way to read the scanner's internal logs from the remote protocol so as long as that's available then yes, this is an easy one to add.

Originally Posted by LosRio View Post
Maybe in future a Bluetooth external device can be connected to the 436 which will work with the app wirelessly? Know some have played with third party bluetooth devices on the 436 but haven't looked much into if it would be possible to utilize your app as you can wired to it.
That would be great but we have to bear in mind the scanner needs to see power coming in on that USB port also to realize anything is connected, so unless there's a usb to bluetooth adapter that also happens to have a BIG battery pack attached (I don't know - is there?) you'd have to find a way to power both devices. I'm sure it's doable - the question is how feasible is it? If it can be done for less than $100 bucks on Amazon and doesn't look like an octopus, then sure, but if it requires some rube-goldberg hodgepodge of adapters, batteries and cords, forget it. I don't want to walk into a public event with this thing and have security look in my backpack or car and think it's some sort of IED, lol. If there's a way to make the actual connection though, then yes it can be supported - it works like any other serial connection. What would be ideal would be some sort of surface mount component you could add on to the scanner (most of us here are pretty handy with a soldering iron or know someone who is) that the scanner could power and the phone could talk to - but that would require schematics I'm sure only Paul gets to look at. If Uniden ever releases a future model with a bluetooth to serial adapter built in, I'd totally be on board.

I do have one request from Paul or anyone else with a recent set of protocol docs - I'm working off of a very old version 0.17 of the remote protocol spec which I'm sure is VERY outdated and incomplete - anyone got a link to the most current version of the x36 remote command set?

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