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I am hoping that Kenwood makes a dual or tri band dual mode mobile to go with the 74a, having deathstar and APRS on tap is nice , I also am hoping for a Hotspot that will run on 220.i have 2 710g simply because the screen and function is awesome , but with the price having fallen off so sharply on them (I bought the 2nd one on a Christmas sale for $515) I have a feeling that radio is going to be replaced soon , and as I said I am hoping for for a mobile version of the 74a , if you do buy the 710g it's so easy to program my dog can do it , the 5100a just is not worth the money because the screen is really cheap low resolution gray on gray and the accessories for it ( things like a mounting bracket, a head bracket mic extension are all extra ,it's like $ 250 more to have that rig function, it's great you can mount it in the trunk , as long as you buy the extensions) cost a bundle that's what keeps the 5100a out of my Shack, I still love my 7000 though that they killed with the 7100 screen and removal of alot of capability.

I have had my 8900 so long that the strain relief on the mic cord has rotted out and split , I will probably sell that since I have like 4 other mobiles that get more use , it's kind of last resort radio these days , living in my basement , every room of the house has a radio and PS .

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