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It shows up on my screen. All the way to the end of the row with icons. Next to Read.
However, I just tried to open an existing FL and nothing appeared to happen. When I tried to open it again, the software told me it was already open, but I still couldn't see it on my screen.

I tried again, and the system loads, but only the name, nothing else. No sites, no TGs, nothing. It's really annoying as this is a large system (Charlotte-Mecklenburg, and I've had to build it four time since yesterday. It takes about an hour, even with downloading most of the information from the RRDB. I have to change some Alpha Tags, move some Departments around, and so on. To then lose it multiple times because of a save glitch is really, really, annoying.

If I delete one system, all of the systems close.

There still seem to be significant problems with saving and then reopening systems and favorites lists.

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OK now build 10 is out and where is the WRITE button? In all the other builds it was next to the READ button.

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