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After reading all of the post on this subject I felt compelled to respond with my 2 cents worth as everyone had great comments regarding this great band.
I used to work as a Fire / EMS dispatcher back in the early 80s and I used to get a kick out of hearing distant counties on our fire frequency 200 miles away. I have always loved the way VHF lowband propagates compared to the other bands. That is when I got the 6 meter bug.

I use 6 FM every day on a repeater I put together over 15 years ago. It started out as split site with the receiver 10 miles away at a friends house. It worked well with no issues. I lost the site when he sold the property so I resorted to duplexers. A good friend turned me on to duplexers made from 1 5/8 heliax and it has worked well.
My repeater is low profile, it is not a "flamethrower" it is located on my property on a tower at 90 ft.
It is a modest setup but it has served me well for many years. I am glad it is at my site where I have control over it. I don't have to worry about a noise floor as I would in a commercial environment, I don't have to worry about equipment tampering or someone cutting my feed lines and dismantling my equipment because I am a visitor on site. I have talked to hams who have setup repeaters at commercial sites only to have a high noise floor. If you decide to setup one on a site, do your homework first.

I incorporated Allstar and Echolink and have established connections with other 6 meter repeaters across the country. We all have something in common to contribute to great conversation, and yes there is activity there everyday which brings out the locals as well. All of us feel as if we have our own little network, I know if I pick up the mic and announce my presence, there is a good chance I will get a response.

For the record I read about repeaters in Pa. Northeast of Philly, they are still on the air but not heavily used. I will use them on occasion with my friends in that area.
I am fortunate to be able to use ht's due to proximity and I agree due to size of the antennas and characteristics of the band, 6 meters is really not a ht kind of band. Although I have worked do on my portable on simplex as far as Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois and Tennessee. Not bad for 6 FM!

Hope to work all of you on 6 meters,
Steve N2KEJ

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