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Activity is certainly down compared to 5 years ago, 2013 and the 5 years earlier were great for 6 meters but now we are in the low part of the solar cycle.

I have a 900 MEG REPEATER with 6 meter and 10 meter remote bases, both using GE RANGR 110 watt radios and the frequency agile direct entry S990 HEADS so I frequently do channel searches on 6 fm with no luck in contacts.

Using MaCom Orion 110 watt mobiles for 10 and 6 fm and MOTOROLA MT1000 6/10 HANDHELDS, the only radios that get any use are my 10 meter models.

I came up with the original Motorola MT1000/P200 ht, 6 METER mods about 10 years ago and from what others who did the 6 meter mods have told me is that their 6 meter models are now seeing less and less use over the past 3 years.

10FM is more active with thousands of dx contacts on 29.6 fm over the past several years but not so much on 6 meters, in fact in the past 2-3 years 6fm has really died off with only a handful of fm contacts.

In the past 2-3 years I have only talked to a dozen or so stations on 52.525, one 52.56 rptr and on 50.3 fm While the previous years from 2009 to 2013 my remote base was always active on 6 fm but now only 10 gets used.

Even ssb/cw on 6 is down from the previous 5 years, as an example from 2010 to 2014 I had 100's of dx contacts on 6 ssb/cw but in the past 3 years only a dozen or so.

In fact it is so bad on 6 ssb/cw that the majority of old time 6 meter ops have migrated to various JT DIGITAL weak signal modes up around 50.280 MHZ.

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