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Originally Posted by n2kej View Post
My repeater is low profile, it is not a "flamethrower" it is located on my property on a tower at 90 ft.
It is a modest setup but it has served me well for many years. I am glad it is at my site where I have control over it. I don't have to worry about a noise floor as I would in a commercial environment, I don't have to worry about equipment tampering or someone cutting my feed lines and dismantling my equipment because I am a visitor on site. I have talked to hams who have setup repeaters at commercial sites only to have a high noise floor. If you decide to setup one on a site, do your homework first.

I incorporated Allstar and Echolink and have established connections with other 6 meter repeaters across the country. We all have something in common to contribute to great conversation, and yes there is activity there everyday which brings out the locals as well. All of us feel as if we have our own little network, I know if I pick up the mic and announce my presence, there is a good chance I will get a response.

Hope to work all of you on 6 meters,
Steve N2KEJ
Hi Steve! I'm now in the Raleigh, NC area and have a Kenwood TK-6110 high split 70 watt radio converted for both 6 and 10 meters at home as well as a Vertex VX-4000 70 watt mobile for 6 FM. There are a couple wide area coverage 6 meter repeaters in the area on 53.03 and 53.45, and another one going up shortly on 53.63. It would be great if one of those machines had Allstar capability for linking to your repeater. When I had my 6 meter remote base with Allstar near Austin, TX it was always fun to link with other 6 meter machines while mobile.

Congratulations for everything you have done to keep 6 meters going in your area! Hope to work you again soon.

Tad, K3TD
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