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Originally Posted by N5XTC View Post
<snip> my only beef with this scanner is the display light. mine still works but dimmer than when new. i only use it when i have to and never leave it on while scanning. does anyone know where these can be purchased and/or how difficult the light is to replace?
This unit arrived with a very dim backlight, which I have now replaced. If you Google around you will find there is still a lot of info on this issue on the web. The best page I found as far as replacement instructions is this one:

Pro-2006 backlight repair | NR8O

It's not that hard to do if you are comfortable doing a bit of soldering. The hardest part for me was disconnecting the many wiring jacks. These were all old and stubborn like me, and it would be easy to pull a wire or two loose while doing this if not careful. Not that big a deal to fix though if you did.

There are quite a few sources for the EL light strip, including a guy on eBay who sells EL lights specifically sized for these radios. I actually ordered his as well as a couple others so I could pick the brightest one with the best color. I also ordered the Experimenter Kit from Miller Engineering, which comes with a usable EL strip, and a small transformer power supply. You just pop a couple AAA cells in the power supply and then plug your various EL strips into it and you get a nice preview of what each will look like. I wound up using the one from eBay that was sized for the radio, but it still did not fit. I had to cut about 1/32 inch off the height of it. No big deal. Then I sealed that edge with a narrow strip of clear tape.

Unfortunately for me, replacing the EL backlight on this unit did not fix the problem. It is not much brighter now than it was before. This has been reported by several people in the past. Apparently there can also be a problem with the transformer circuitry that supplies power to the backlight. However it seems that for most people, replacing just the EL backlight strip was all that was required to restore the original brightness. There also is a guy with a page on the web who offers to replace the EL for you for about $90 as I recall. Meanwhile I haven't been able to find any info or source of parts to remedy my power supply problem, so I am stuck with a dim backlight on this one. Oh well, still was easily worth $60 for the radio.

Also be aware that there were two versions of this radio. On the earliest units the light switch was labeled "Dimmer", and it only changed the brightness level of the light. I don't think it could actually turn the light off. Over time Radio Shack found that many people were having problems with the EL strip dimming with use, so they changed that switch to a "Light" switch instead, which was simply on or off. However in this new version, when the light was turned on, its brightness level was changed to be somewhere between the low level and high level settings of the earlier version. My radio is the second version with the switch labeled "Light".
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