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Originally Posted by sparklehorse View Post
...I was going to program the radio with everything I listen to at the coast, then store it in the closet for maybe up to a year or two until the next beach trip. Then I got to wondering if a fresh 9v battery will actually maintain the memory that long...
What I would suggest is that you take the unit out at 6-month intervals, plug it in to AC power to retain the memory, remove the battery and then test the battery voltage. If the battery voltage has dropped significantly you should replace the battery with a new one before removing the AC power and returning the unit to storage for another 6 months. I would also keep a record of the battery voltage measurements for data points to possibly adjust future testing intervals up or down.

If you haven't done so already, you should make up a list of everything that you have programmed in the PRO-2006 scanner should you need to restore it manually. Even though it would be a little tedious to do so, restoring the memory manually would not be that bad as you would only be entering frequencies without PL/DPLs, talkgroup IDs, alpha tags, etc.

One other thing that you might want to consider is to put all of the conventional frequencies that you have programmed in your PRO-2006 in one of your other scanners (that you usually have with you at the coast) as a separate "bank" with its own "quick key." That way if you lose your PRO-2006 memory due to battery failure you will have an immediate backup in one of your other scanners so that you don't miss any transmissions when you are at the coast!
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