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Originally Posted by mciupa View Post
Originally Posted by nd5y View Post
It happened again.
Several Oklahoma state agencies were renamed and broke several wiki links.
Perhaps contact the Administrator involved with the name changes, he may be unaware this has happened.

I used to be guilty of doing that with database duties until it was pointed out to me. In the interim, I have restored Highway Patrol with a redirect. I will try and fix any others *if* I can. The "old" name of the articles would be most helpful, otherwise I'm blindly guessing.
Good afternoon,

nd5y, thanks for pointing out the broken links.

mciupa, thanks for trying to reconnect links.

To save labor in any future efforts at reconnecting DB-to-Wiki or Wiki-to-DB, you can save the effort of guessing what the old might have been, by using the Wiki's categories to navigate to the list of existing pages, and check to see if a page exists that would match the desired RRDB listing. If there is no page that would correspond to the DB listing, then you won't need to try different combinations of Wiki Redirects. <Edit> If there is a page with a very similar name, then navigate to it to determine if it is a correct match. If it is a match, then "MOVE" it so that it becomes renamed to the new name. This keeps the page's history-logs intact after renaming.</Edit>

Example #1:

For the newly named "Highway Patrol (OK)" page, I would recommend checking the Category:Oklahoma Law Enforcement page for any possible listings. On this category page, was the listing for "Oklahoma Highway Patrol (OK)". Then after navigating to the "Oklahoma Highway Patrol (OK)" page, it was "MOVEd" so that its name became "Highway Patrol (OK)" to match the new name in the DB.

The above MOVE has already been done, so you now see "Highway Patrol (OK)" in the Category:Oklahoma Law Enforcement page. The other Wiki pages that linked to the former page have had their links updated to point to the new page, to avoid a redirect. The redirect (which points old page to new page) also has been cleared after it became unneeded.

Example #2:

For the newly named "State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI) (OK)" page, checking the Category:Oklahoma Law Enforcement page will show that there is no existing page with a name representing the OSBI. Seeing there is none, will save the effort of guessing what the name might be and of trying various combinations of Wiki Redirects.

So far, it seems that the majority of the pages that were renamed in the DB don't have a corresponding Wiki page.

<Edit2>The difficulty with multiple attempts at creating a redirect which points from the new name to the old name, is that the existing Wiki page can be "MOVEd"-over-redirect by regular Wiki-members only when the new-name page has only one redirect listed in its History-log, If multiple redirect attempts are applied to the new page, then only a Wiki Admin can "MOVE" the existing page so that it is renamed to the new name.</Edit2>

Thanks again and Hope this helps,
73 QDP

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