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Originally Posted by sshermanmd View Post
No DMR, no trunking, no Fusion, probably no P2 P25. That's a lot of limitations for a $2000 radio. One website in Japanese stated that they initially expect to sell 250 units (that's two hundred and fifty). What kind of support is ICOM going to provide for something that limited. I was really enthused when first heard about the 8600, but no longer.
Hi Steve---

What is the certainty level that there will be no DMR or Fusion? That's pretty drastic. I know that we should never believe a manufacturer when they say modes will be "added later via firmware", but would this even be possible with the 8600.

I'm thinking that one of the reasons it is taking them so long to come out with the unit is that they are trying to incorporate as many different modes as possible. I wonder if they hit some type of major stumbling block ???
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