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Originally Posted by batdude View Post
as a one time owner of a R7000, then a R7100 and even a 9000 (for a month...LOL) ---

this thread seriously makes me laugh.

I can do everything that radio does and MUCH MUCH MORE with a $20 RTL-SDR and a $200 laptop.

who in their right mind would pay north of $2k for this box today?



Agreed that there is a lot you can do with a computer and the right program. Nevertheless, there are still some of us "old-timers" out here that like the feel of the buttons, switches, and especially the tuning knob, of a physical radio. I'm pretty happy with my AOR DV1, so the R8600 has to be some fantastic piece of equipment to command a price in the $2k range. I find it a bit disconcerting that the PDF version of the operating manual has not been made available yet.
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