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The performance of an RTL dongle is a very small fraction of the other receivers you've owned or the 8600. The RTL dongle is a re-puropsed low end TV tuner never designed to do what its being asked to do with SDR software. It does an adequate job for most and its very cheap, but you are getting exactly what you are paying for, an extremely cheap, extremely low performing VHF/UHF receiver with a lot of features from the free software.

Originally Posted by batdude View Post
as a one time owner of a R7000, then a R7100 and even a 9000 (for a month...LOL) ---

this thread seriously makes me laugh.

I can do everything that radio does and MUCH MUCH MORE with a $20 RTL-SDR and a $200 laptop.

who in their right mind would pay north of $2k for this box today?


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