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So I feel like an idiot. I finally found the download link at the very bottom of the page. I don't know what made me think it would be in the actual menu at the top.


Q. Where can I download programming software?

A. Programming software can be downloaded at

This radio can be enabled for wideband FM and front panel programmability if it is purchased by a licensed amateur operator. After you purchase the radio, send an email to requesting this feature and we will email a program to you that will allow the Hytera CPS software on your computer to enable those features for your serial number. This process is controlled by the radio’s model number and serial number and only works on Hytera radios sold by GigaParts. Please provide your amateur radio call sign in the email request.
As far as the initial impression of the radio out of the box - it's nice, but the PTT is very light and very sensitive.
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