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Size is everything so the larger, nearly full size trapped ones work fine but the Hamstick dipoles I've used on 20m and below were not very good. On 10m a Hamstick dipole is nearly full size but on 20m where a dipole is about 33ft across, its shortened to about 14ft across on 20m with Hamsticks and it suffers.

Here is something to consider. I've run lots of different wire antennas at my home over the last 20yrs like G5RV, ZS6BKW, end feds, OCFDs, etc, and although they all work fine for me on 80 and 40m, I was always looking for more on 20 through 10m. These wire antennas all tuned fine but there are so many lobes and nulls on the higher bands you never know if the station you are trying to get is in a null, and you cant' turn the wire antenna to compensate. I suspect that's why you are looking for a rotatable dipole.

After a lot of research and limited space, I settled on a Hexbeam from NA4RR at $570 delivered to my door. Its got a 10.8ft turning radius and if you can fit a Mosley dipole you can probably fit a Hexbeam.

Bottom line is I'm completely blown away with this antenna. On 17 and 20m its always a good 2 S units better than my 80m OCFD and when there are no signals to copy on 10m on my OCFD I'm talking to Brazil and Argentina on the Hexbeam. Since I'm on the west coast I usually leave the Hexbeam pointed east and it gets most of the US without moving it.

Lots of companies make Hexbeams and they are all very similar, but the NA4RR had all the good quality parts, covers 6 bands 20m through 6m and shipping was included in the price. It also went together in less than an hour and has a great match on all bands, full band and I don't need a tuner with this antenna.

Did I mention I'm blown away by this antenna?

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The Mosley rotatable dipole, and the hamsticks.....
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