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Default I want to thank you guys for the fast responses

I appreciate how quick you guys responded to my question. Here's what I've found: As far as whether or not the radio makes this crackling sound if I'm away from the car and move it around quickly is questionable because once in a while I will hear some slight static but nothing bad, so I can't give you a definite answer. The antenna I'm using is the rubber duck, and on the UV-5R I even tried using the high gain antenna and it doesn't help. Using a magnet mount is not an option because it's a portable radio and I desperately want to keep it that way and not keep changing antennas every time I get in or out. I have used other portable radios inside a moving vehicle and they work flawlessly. The best example of this would be my Midland LXT435's. I've used them car to car and they are crystal clear. Using the Baofeng radios on the same frequencies... horrible. I recently bought a second UV-82HP and it does the same thing my original did one year earlier. I also bought a WLN KD-C1 just for the car hoping it would be different, it wasn't. So to sum it all up I think nd5y said it best, "Baofeng's piss poor design. There is a reason they are cheap." I have to agree with him. I've used portable Radio Shack scanners in the car and they work just fine too. The problem is, you try to save the huge expense of buying a used Motorola public safety radio, plus the programming cable, RIB box, and then if your lucky, you might find the correct software. But, you get what you pay for. Anyway, thank you all for your help in trying to figure this out, I really do appreciate it.
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