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Originally Posted by JimVK2JHG View Post
The 6th column shows the signal strength received at the repeater. The bg7sgm gives approx 9dB improvement (suggesting approx =32W output). However, I am running it at only 12V using a LiPo 3S battery so power out would likely be higher with higher voltage psu.

Note the bg7sgm includes a RX low noise receive pre-amp so is probably best installed as close to the antenna as possible.
Thanks for the detailed reply, Jim. I will be sharing this information at our next club meeting on 04/14/17. A bunch of club members have only MD-380 or CS750 HTs and have been asking about external amplifiers for improved mobile use. That is particularly relevant to us here in Indiana since we are blessed with 36 UHF DMR repeaters that provide ~97% state-wide coverage for mobile radios.

Would it be possible to take a screenshot of the assembled/modified amp, with particular attention to the LPF installation?
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