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Originally Posted by ka3jjz View Post
And remember not to transmit while scanning.
I didn't give this much thought. I have attached a quickly made image of what the intended set up will be. I will have my scanners on the right side of my computer desk that will be connected to antenna's in the attic, and have all of my two way radio's on the left side of my computer desk that will be connected to "Mobile to Base Conversion Kits" on the out side of my shack. I have three questions:

1. With the scanner antenna's and the two way radio antenna's being 10ft+ apart, will this still create an issue with the scanners
2. How far apart should the Base to Mobile Antenna's be separated or should the be okay once they clear each other of the radials.
3. Somewhat not related, would it be a good idea to connect a FM Trap to the aviation scanner or does it really make a difference?
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