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Originally Posted by majoco View Post
I assume that you have already up- and down-loaded the contents of the R5 a few times and have a file in you computer of the data. The instruction booklet on the R6 will tell you what plug is required and if it's the same plug as the R5, then try it and if it works you have something for nothing - winner.

I made an interface for my Yaesu VX-2 which works well with some downloaded software. I compared my interface with the one for an Icom R7000 and they are close enough - added a different connector and yippee it works!
Thanks for the reply, majoco.

I called the Icom tech support people, and they told me the two radios couldn't be cloned because "the software fields are different." The R6 arrived yesterday, so I just went ahead and programmed it manually . . . not an easy task with Icom radios. Thankfully, the R6 operating system is similar to the R5, so I didn't have go through another learning adventure.

Thanks again!

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