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Thank you for the suggestions, ZZ. I had not consider’d an active antenna tuner… a neat idea. At this stage it is probably too exotic for what I have the energy for, but I have filed the idea away, carefully under Active Consideration. For now it will be a large coil.
So far, my meager plans are to get that section of tower placed ( turns out its only 40 feet instead of 50- but I don’t look gift horses in the mouth) as soon as I can get a concrete base pour’d for the insulator assembly, and the anchor points for guy lines. I’m going to do this full-out “industrial”- heavy cables, ceramic insulators- the whole business. I’ll have all the parts largely because I have to take the whole Magilla from my friend- he wants what’s left of this former broadcast tower gone from his ranch. He’s never has told me why he came to own it.
But before all this, the snow will have to melt and the ground thaw.
If this doesn‘t make it for 2200, I figure it might work out for 630... or something else- but I remain 2200 optimistic..
I have a place for the tower, out in a pasture where there is a hut for the transmitter and AC power. My plan is to run it by wireless link.. and listening remotely. The ground system remains an enigma- it will be, in essence, non existent. Anything that resembles effective is beyond my ability (and finances) to construct. Not that I won’t do something, but it will be very minimal, considering the wavelength involved… far more effective for lightning protection than RF return- for after all, even a 1/8 quarter wave radial is over 825 ! feet long.
So far all this is just plans- I haven’t even received the transceiver yet, let alone touched the antenna…
……………. I appreciate the comments and suggestions
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