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Originally Posted by JMR3865 View Post
Hi All,
My dealer and I are working on this ongoing issue but maybe you guys may have some insight.

I have a G5. I have a couple issues, 1st, When it does alert for 1 tone on a frequency, it will not alert for a 2nd tone right after on the same frequency like the minitor. Not a huge deal, but it would be nice if it could. I'm thinking because it is counting down to reset after the audio stops.

But my BIG issue is, I am silent scanning 3 frequencies (1 of which is a known birdie), however, The pager may not go off on 1 of the frequencies, usually the birdie frequency, but could be any. Usually, it alerts once, and then will not alert again unless I turn the pager off and back on again and thats not even 100%.

All of these frequencies are VHF conventional.

Any ideas because this is getting annoying, I may go back to my G1 and change the batteries every 10 hours!
What version of Firmware are you using? Have your dealer contact me and we may be able to resolve your issues. When it comes to the G1 the battery life should be much longer than 10 hours we recommend getting a new set of batteries every 6 months. I recommend that when you change your clocks for DST you change not only your smoke detector batteries but also your pager batteries.
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