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Originally Posted by N4GIX View Post
Having never heard of AmRRON before, I visited the website. Ironically, even they insist that anyone wishing to participate in their nets must have a valid FCC license...

They even provide extensive links to both written ARRL publications, and on-line study guides and practice tests.
There are some issues with that web site, presentation of information in an inflammatory way. For example, right there on the front page is a headline "N. Korea Sends Another Encrypted Numbers Broadcast", as if this is not a regular thing, and the article states that "North Korea’s state radio station resumed broadcasting mysterious numbers" on March 5 like it had been missing. In fact, that is its schedule. It transmits on the first and third Saturday of each month at 1515 UTC. It also has a less dependable schedule on the second and fourth Thursday at 1615 UTC.

Nothing the article says is wrong, per se, but it is presented as if this is new or unique information, sensationalized, when in fact it is normal.

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