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I would suggest that especially in mobile installations, you need an antenna counterpoise--not necessarily a ground. "Ground" can mean an earth ground, a chassis ground, a counterpoise, etc., many different things. Actually what you are doing on a car or boat is "bonding" different pieces, not necessarily grounding them at all, unless your car tows a substantial plow blade to cut into the earth. Or as gasoline tankers used to do, drag a chain to ensure static was is charged to the pavement.

One layer of paint will not greatly interfere with the radio frequency energy from the antenna flowing into the car body and finding an efficient counterpoise. RF jumps that gap, treating it as a small capacitance, even though DC electricity might not be able to jump it at all, or be greatly reduced by it.

"Ground" is like "food", a very vague term really that covers many things, which are not at all alike.
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