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I do understand that "ground" is a nebulous thing. What works in my car may not work with the same equipment in last year's model of the same vehicle. I installed the radio knowing that 6 meters was probably going to be iffy. By the same token, I'm gonna try a few things that might make it better. At this point, I don't plan on making any substantial vehicle modifications. Someone jokingly mentioned dragging a chain like gasoline trucks used to do. Unfortunately, I'm old enough to remember those but don't believe I'll go that far.

I'm going to run a braided ground along the same path as the coax as far as possible and connect it to a ground and that might make a difference. It certainly shouldn't hurt. Like I told someone earlier, I want to get the numbers low enough that transmitting won't blow out the transmitter.

I'm not above installing a roof mount antenna using a NMO mount. A benefit of that will be to lower the altitude of the antenna about 5 or 6 inches. Right now, it a hair below 9 1/2 feet, (It's an SUV so no trunk mounts.)

Anyway, I'm taking all this information to heart, including the PMs. Thanx for the help, guys.
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