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Default Problem with BUY IT NOW ads

I was selling a few radios here on Radioreference in the past couple weeks as "Buy it Now" . The problem is that the item sold but there was no indication of it being SOLD. Thinking the item did not sell I deleted the ad posted it for sale on ebay and it sold the next day . I recently got a PM asking when will I be shipping the scanner ? I of course was puzzled, logged into my paypal account and wouldn't you know there was the payment for the scanner. Yikes !! I Immediately issued a refund.

This also happened to another buyer telling me he purchased a scanner when the ad did not reflect it .It still showed as for sale but caught it in time.

I apologize to the buyer who did not receive there scanner (refunded) and to other for delay in receiving his.
I removed my other adds.
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