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Originally Posted by cru1242 View Post
I use my BC125 for aviation monitoring. 9 out of 10 banks. Civilian and Military air. I use a Watson W-901 airband antenna. Best air scanner I have. Easy to program. Highly recommend it.

As for the Icom R-6, I use it as well. IF you can wade through its numerous idiosyncrasies and get it programmed the way you want it, it will perform well. It is a challenge though. I do not program it on the fly. And it won't even play nice with the Butel ARC-6 software I use to program it. The person at Icom who designed the method to program the R-6 was a very angry, bitter person from a dark place who hates people.
You're a good writer, cru1242! That last sentence about the Icom designer is a classic . . . can't stop laughing!

I absolutely agree with your synopsis about the Icom R-6. I bought one two weeks ago, despite owning the R-1, R-2, R-5, R-10, and R-20. Fool that I am, I'm anxiously waiting to learn more about the R-30. Go figure . . .

My advice to the OP:
1. If you buy the R-6, don't EVER lose the owner's manual! Furthermore, download a copy of the manual into every smartphone, tablet, and computer you've got. (This advice also applies to any scanner/communications receiver you may buy that isn't made by Whistler, GRE, or Uniden.)
2. If you buy the BC125, buy some extra rechargeable batteries and a good charger. If the BC125 is anything like my BCD325P2, you're going to run through batteries very quickly. (Battery longevity in the R-6 is amazing!)

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